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Gocar Cod#: 7824PST Tariff Code: 8542.39.90.00 Country of origin: CHINA
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1+ 0.2000€
100+ 0.1600€
1000+ 0.1440€
All prices are net (excluding VAT)..

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Stock: 3,200

Package type: 50

Minimum quantity: 50

Multiple: 50

Packaging: TUBE


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  • Gocar Electronic Packaging Information
    Static-sensitive components are packaged while maintaining the same safety measures as in an ESD area. Antistatic tubes or blister packs with a static dissipative sponge are used for packaging components. All products in the ESD area are also packaged in shielding bags..
  • Traceability
    To facilitate product traceability, we provide information on the date of manufacture, marking and batch number by manufacturer, and include it in the documents attached to the product..
  • Product labeling
    All Gocar Electronic's labeling is designed to optimize and reduce the time of entry of the customer's goods, offering all the product information, traceability and customer reference data..
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Gocar Electronic´s labelling

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  • Spain

    For all our customers, Spanish shipments are completely free of charge when placing a minimum order of 100€ through our website. In addition, we guarantee efficient delivery within 24/48 hours.

    We are proud to work with the major shipping agencies, ensuring that your order arrives quickly and safely. All our orders are processed within the same day.

    Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: the shipping charges are always due, and the customer will negotiate with the carrier directly.

  • International

    For our international customers, we offer the flexibility to choose how they want their shipment to be delivered. You can opt for UPS, our trusted agency, or the shipping agency of your choice, giving you full control over how and when your order will arrive.

    It is important to note that shipping costs will be borne by the customer. We are committed to process all orders on the same day, ensuring a fast and efficient handling of your purchase.

    With this customization, we want to ensure that your shopping experience is as comfortable and tailored to your needs as possible, trust us for your international shipments!

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  • Security and Confidence in Your Shipments with Allianz

    We are pleased to inform you that all our packages are insured with Allianz, at no additional cost to you. This coverage guarantees that, in the unlikely event that your package is lost due to any circumstance, we will take full responsibility for the situation.

    With this measure, we want to give you maximum peace of mind and confidence when choosing our services, your satisfaction and safety are our priority!

  • Quality is our priority

    At Gocar Electronic, our main priority and focus is quality. We understand that excellence in our products and services is fundamental for the satisfaction of our customers. Complying with ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 quality standards, we have established a series of rigorous and well-defined processes to ensure that every item we offer meets the highest standards.

    To provide full transparency and confidence, we have detailed these processes in the outline and documentation below. Here you can see step-by-step how we ensure quality at every stage of our work, from receiving selection to delivery.

Arrival of goods

Receipt of goods

Verification of all parts

Quality inspection

Verification of shipment to the customer

Outgoing goods to customer

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  • Do you have products in stock and what is the shipping time?

    We are pleased to report that all of our products are available in our warehouse, which allows us to process and ship your order the same day it is placed. This means that you can expect fast and efficient delivery of your items. Our goal is to ensure that you receive your products in a timely and hassle-free manner.

  • Can I schedule my order with different delivery dates?

    Yes, you can select the date you need to receive each line of your order, with a maximum of up to 6 months.

  • Does Gocar Electronic provide date and lot codes for web orders?

    Yes, we provide date of manufacture year and week, batch and marking of all our parts, the traceability is complete.

  • What payment methods are available?

    If your account is linked to an already credit-enabled account, you can place your orders against that account, and benefit from the agreed financing conditions. You can also pay by bank transfer, credit card or PAYPAL.

  • Still have doubts?

    Visit our FAQ section where you can find the most common concerns. Or if you prefer you can write us through the live chat or mail through gocar@gocarelectronic.es.

  • Bank transfer

    We accept payment via bank transfer. The time it takes for the transfer is largely determined by the frequency and quantity of purchases made. All sales documents issued by Gocar Electronic detail the specific bank and account number to which payment should be made.

  • Gocar Electronic´s Credit

    At Gocar Electronic, we offer a customized credit method to facilitate our customers' purchases. The process begins with an initial conversation between the customer and one of our customer service agents. During this conversation, the agent will gather relevant information to assess the customer's financial needs and capabilities.

    Once this information is gathered, our team will conduct a detailed study of the transaction. This analysis aims to ensure that the credit modality is the most appropriate for the customer, taking into account factors such as expected purchase volume and payment capacity.

    After this evaluation, if the customer meets the criteria established by Gocar Electronic, we will proceed to the opening of a credit account. This account will allow the customer to make purchases in a convenient and efficient manner, with the flexibility to pay over time according to the agreed terms.

  • PayPal

    The use of PayPal represents one of the safest methods to send and receive money through the Internet. This service incorporates advanced technologies and procedures to ensure the confidentiality of your financial information. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account or log in to make payments using this method.

    To make payments through PayPal, you need a credit card (including American Express) or have funds in a PayPal account.

    By choosing PayPal as a payment method in Gocar Electronic, users can make their transactions in Euros.

  • Card

    Through card payment we accept credit card payments from all major credit card brands. We are pleased to accept both MasterCard and Visa, two of the world's most recognized and trusted card providers.

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